v  A new approach for Old Vehicle /Used Vehicle ? very effective for Used Vehicle .for new vehicle ,it will extend the life of engine. After 15oooMiles ,it can  be apply and significant improvement will be performed.

v  How it Work? Ref ART User Manual.

v  How it can help for any used vehicle ? Ref ART User Manual

v  Why the  vehicle owner will buy this product? How they will be benefitted? Ref. to the ART Brochure.

v  Is it a proven and tested product?Yes.at least 100,000 to 200,000 cars are used, Mitsubishi certificate   is also available and  We are  encouraging to further test in any Automobile Laboratory with the buyer’s cost. We will provide the sample material for test. 

v  If this product damage my vehicle then who will be responsible? Yes, The Pricipal company will take full responsibility (Legal & Financial).Please contact our nearest country rep.

v  What is the guarantee of mileage improvement? How much % of increases ?For Front wheel drive 5% + and for 4Wheel Drive it will be 20%++.Assured but it can not increase the original Mileage. If it is dropped from the original then it  will definitely improves. 

v  Is there any Research & Development details / information? Yes,.

v  Is there any competitor  for this product in the market? No. There is no such material in the world market which can claims for 250,000 Miles charge for single use of ART/life time of the car. We have the best quality material and best formula .try it test it

v  What is the ROI (Return of  Investment ) of this product?Yes, within 1 year/6 Months depend upon the type of  fleet.

v  What is the retail price(MSRP)? $100 Per Bottle for 80 ML normal FWD  standard vehicle , but for 4WD Passenger Vehicle(6 to 8 cylinder  Mini Truck,Van,SUV it will be approx.. $200 per Bottle (approx. 160ml-200ml ).The MSRP Price will  vary country to country .

v  What will be the bulk price for main agent/countrywide distributor? Need to discuss. It will be depend on the sales volume.(30% to 60% discount can be offer but subject to depend on the sales volume.

v  Can countrywide distributer make their own brand/own logo? Yes possible. They can also import bulk shipment and make their own packaging. They also can mixed with their own brand Lubricant  and can sale. We will provide  the mixing ratio details.

v  Money Back Guarantee : Proof of purchase/receipt required for refund , We are confident in 100% effectiveness of our product. So, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If our product failed to perform as described, get your money back from our authorized dealer(s).For more details about the money back policy, please contact us or any of our dealers.

v  Guarantee for Improvement:   Improvement will depend upon the current condition of the automobile & brand, model, type of vehicle, current mileage,  wear & tear of the vehicle. Significant improvement will noticed in older vehicle. Every vehicle is different, and your results may vary.