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Trust on this Product, It will work on your vehicle :

Every engine gradually wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. This results in compression loss which means your engine will have less power, rougher idle and sluggish acceleration. It can also increase oil burning and exhaust smoke, as well as reduce gas mileage. KA ART CERMET mix with Engine/Transmission/Rear Axle Lubricant & repairs worn out areas in the cylinder walls to restore compression and improve engine performance.

You will also notice that it runs smoother and quieter because compression is balanced evenly across all cylinders. If your engine is burning oil and smoking because of blow-by, ART -Cermet will solve that problem too. We are so confident you will be happy with the results that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied!

Automobile - End user reviews :

"I have Toyota Sienna 2007, 137,000 Miles, I was ready to sale this van and buy a new car due to poor pickup and noisy engine but after using of ART, I have changed my mind not sale this Van ,it s dramatic changes after 300 miles drove , it is so smooth like the new and the SMOG also passed by DMV."
M. Ali – Orlando, Florida

"A few days ago I added KA’s Cermet to my 1990 HONDA Accord with over 145,000 miles on it...I just wanted to tell you that I noticed a marked improvement in my car's performance & I noticed a drastic improvement on pick-up and it idles much feels like a new car again, Thank you Dev for this trial product ,hope this will have a great market in North America specially extreme weather state."
John A , Dayton OH.

VEHICLE NAME PLATE: 5WKR094 - CA registered by Paul B
MAKE & MODEL: Honda, Oddesey
MILES: 150,000 miles
"I have used Honda-branded non-synthetic and synthetic oils for the history of owning this car from new, the routine change intervals have been every 2,000 miles. After I installed KingsArt oil, I was surprised at the differences I experienced in my car. it runs smooth and the noise level has decreased and has been very smooth. After the oil change, the first thing I noticed when we started the car and warmed it up was that the engine noise was substantially reduced. I saw no oil consumption. Zero, zip, nada. I'm sure I burned a little bit, but the amount was so small as to be negligible. Great for any car on the track, but for this car in particular, simply awesome. I don't know much about how an oil is supposed to allow optimal piston ring function as you claim (or sub-optimal for the other guys), but it sure seems to work. The Honda experts at DC imports, Manteca, CA said seems this is the oil for future and all should use it."

Hi Dev, I used your product for trial after hesitating 3 weeks but my service technician help to take the decision. The vehicle is 8 cylinder truck (1985 White Ford F-250 odometer: 1,38,45 Mile). After using 2 bottles of ART mixed with engine oil, the engine idles smoothly and hardly smokes. I am so impressed with the results, ..thank you for this excellent product, I will recommend everyone to buy this product specially for old manual Transmission trucks. What is the price for 2 bottles? Please let me know how to pay.
Rad Corn, CA

I want to tell you of my complete satisfaction with your product 800 ml of ART. I mixed ART with Delvac 15w40 Lube Oil of 10GAL for our Tractor Volvo Engine - d-13 485hp,year – 2010,Mileage – 476983 ,Plate # 74440PY. We found the Mpg improved from 6.5 to 6.2 MPG after the Oil change 12000 miles. The engine power have improved a lot which was noticed by the fleet driver. Your estimation for 24 bottles are $2400 , it looks high to us , we have 18 trucks ,can you please quote your best price?
Paul Smith, Owner DSLA Trans Inc.

Hi Dev,
We used your product on (2008 -Kenworth W900I- C15)truck as per the following ratio:
1.Transmission Lub qty: 14 Quart + Mixed 4 Bottles(320ML) of ART Additive.
2.Tandem Rear Axles : 19 Quart X 2 +Mixed 4 Bottles (320ml)of ART Additive each Rear Axle.
3.Engine Lub oil capacity : 11 Gallon + Mixed 12 Bottles(960ML) of ART Additive
Our fleet driver noticed the significant smoothness of the engine after driving 350 miles, Noise & vibration reduced drastically , the engine performance significantly improved.We also noticed that the after 11400 mile , during oil change , the engine oil quality remain almost same( attached the oil test report), Are you recommending not to change the oil at this time? What will be your recommendation ?We noticed there was no change in the GPM during the first journey of the fleet (approx 11,500Mile), currently it is giving 5.5 Mile per Gallon.We will inform you if there are any further improvement on the GPM.

S Sowders
Fleet Manager/Facility Manager
OptiBlend Industries Inc.
Wyoming 82930

"I drive a Lexus ES300 car with over 377,000 miles on it. I have used KA ART and I have had no engine problems. The oil is clean after every oil change and the engine is as strong today as it was before.It is very good product for old car like mine, I could not express how it improve the performance. Thanks to Dev for this trial on my old car.Please let me know when it will launch in USA market."
Hector Dennis de Armas , Phoenix ,AZ

"I have a 2006 HYUNDAI GETZ (No. Palte DL4CS 7567), 95000 KM. After injecting 80ML of magic oil ! My car become almost new .Unbelievable experience."
S.Pandey ,Doha ,Qatar . Country Manager,
International Drilling Services LLC

"Very opposite results to what I first thought, how can just an oil change make the engine perform as good as new? Excellent product!"
Bharat Shah, NYC,USA: Toyota Siena ,70000 Miles

"I have only used it once, can notice a difference but will see for more time if it really works."
M.Siddiqi, Orlando, FL, USA:Honda Accord, 1998

"I own Toyota Camry : 85,000Mile, Mixed with Synthetic oil, no significant improvement but KA ART was good for me."
S.Singh, Los Angeles,CA,USA: noticed.

"I was quite skeptical about the results because there are tons of similar claiming products all around. At first, it was quite difficult to believe that this product could replace the engine overhauling work. When I tried the results were clear, not only my car ran smooth but I could feel confident driving the old car again. Not sure if it can be a lifetime change but willing to enjoy the benefit as long as it takes."
B.Maity: Bangalore,India.

"I was surprised that it can reduce the engine vibration and could also skip oil change. Not very sure how it works but it is working for me."
Suresh Kumar ,Bangalore,India.