King's ART (K.A), with its unique formula, produce its products. The Kings Art products can be added to all types of engine oil and grease. They do not react chemically with the engine oil, not change the oil viscosity and physicochemical properties, They are non-toxicity, harmless to the environment and the human body.

  • Kings Art/ K'A selectively auto-repair the worn surface of metals. To generate nanocrystalline ceramic protective layer surface on the worn area of the metals.
  • Protective layer growth thickness, ART fluid volume and friction energy release are proportional. They are automatically adjustable.
  • Protective layer and the surface of the original metal are metallurgically bonded, there is no apparent interface.
  • Protective layer reduce the friction coefficient by one grade comparing with engine oil lubrication filming.
  • Protective layer has a far better mechanical properties, low friction, wear-resistant, corrosion erosion, high thermal stability, When the protective layer is fully maintained. No replacement of spare-parts are required.