KingsArt new materials and its technology in itself is a high-tech enterprise registered in USA Students Pioneer Connor.

The company's vice chairman and its chief scientist is a foreign academician of the International Academy of Natural Sciences. The company hired a number of senior Ph.D. and master-degree personals in materials science, chemical, mechanical technology and other disciplines. The company has a good management team in marketing and a research and development group with rich experience in the tribological field of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The company's leading products are the KingsART (Auto-Reconditioning Technology for Reconditioning of Metal surface) products. KA products are thoroughly researched, tested and patented with independent intellectual property rights and have a range at international leading product level.

KA promotes its unbeatable strategy of Try-Test-Buy by encouraging its potential partners to aim at long term association and benefits. KA products are designed to reduce environmental challenges and conserve energy resources by reducing production loss in Industrial environments.

KA products aim at increasing productivity and decreasing maintenance cost to deliver absolute value preposition for the Business.

KA consists of pioneering technology and result oriented team aiming at long term relationship with consistent improvement and value for investement.