REVIEW 1: Test done at BAO Steel, Beijing,China

Testing Machine Model ABLT-1 bearing fatigue life testing machine
Test Bearings 22206 Roller bearing
Test Purposes Verify wear self-repairing material saving rate in the bearing testing machine changes
Lubricant Oil 32 # machine oil
Test Time for a total run 624.45h
Test Parameter Settings
Parameter Value
Speed 1680 RPM
Radial Load 10kN
Vibration Alarm 10
Torque Alarm 1NM
Data Analysis Analyze test machine consumption changes to anti-friction every time after adding re-conditioning additives (ART)
In this test, ART additives adding from April 10 to May 2, the test machine running a total of 534.45 hours.

After conducting 366-hours testing, electricity saving rate arranged between 10.5% -11.5%, when ART additive content is at 150ppm.

The above data shows that the average electricity saving rate is about 1.38% at the time after first ART Adding and before the second time adding; And at the time after the second ART adding and before third time adding, the electricity saving rate fluctuate at about 1.03%; After the third time adding till test operation stop, the average of electricity saving rate is around 7.63%, at peak saving value, it steady at between 10.5% -11.5%.
Meter Increments Time Interval (hours) Consumption Base period consumption Decrease proportion of
testing machine with
power consumption
28.75 77.233 0.3722 0.3774 1.38% 50 PPM ART Additive Content
45.51 121.833 0.3755 0.3774 1.03% 100 PPM ART ADDITIVE
116.93 335.383 0.3486 0.3774 7.63% 150 PPM ART ADDITIVE
Preliminary Observations of the Protective Layer
SEM and EDX analysis of the morphology of roller body cross-section certain thickness of a uniform protective layer on the roller surface has formed. Protective layer of C & O were higher than the substrate through EDX detection. SEM and EDX analysis of the morphology on cross-section of the outer ring shows the existence of a clear protective layer thickness the outer surface. It reached approximately 10μm. EDX detection shows layer surface of C and O were slightly higher than the base.

REVIEW 2: China Railway Corporation, Beijing

Guangzhou–Shenzhen Railway

Application: DF 11 diesel-Electric locomotive Engine,
16V280 Type Diesel Engine Crankcase.
16V280ZJA (Rated power 3,860 kW (5,180 hp)),1000RPM

KA-ART Industrial Grade mixed during the Oil change and EDX detector Measured the protective Cermet Layer after 620,000 KM is 2 µm.

ROI: Saved Two mazor two Overhaul at 300K KM and 600K KM. Necessary report, images are available upon request.

REVIEW 3: China's State Environmental Protection Administration Motor Vehicle Emission Control Center (Vehicle Laboratory of Environmental Sciences Research Academy of China). No 8, Da Yangfang, Anddingmen, Beijing, China.

1. Testing Purpose
This test is conducted in accordance of Measurement Type I of Light Vehicle Emission Limits and measurement Methods(China III, IV Stage) specified by GB 18352. 3-2005 and with comparison of vehicle's emission, fuel consumption before and after adding King's Art Auto Protection Additive sample submitted by King's Art Co. Ltd.

2. Testing Methods
Light Vehicle Emission Limits and measurement Methods(China III, IV Stage) specified by GB 18352. 3-2005

3. Main Testing Instrument and Equipments

No. Equipment Name Model Producers
1) DC power chassis dynamometer CTDY-1211 HORIBA, Japan
2) Constant Volume Sampling System CVS 9100 HORIBA, Japan
3) Vehicle Exhaust System Mexa 9400 HORIBA, Japan
Testing Sample
1) King's Art Auto Protection Additive
Sample provided by Beijing King's Art New Material Co. Ltd.
2) Jieda Car: Model: FV7160 Cif Car data see Table II  
Table II      
MODEL JIDA FV 7160 Cif Car Manufacturer Yi Qi, Da Zhong
Driving Permit No. Jing P263A8 Driving Distance(KM) 178288
Basis of Quality (KG) 1210 Exhaust Volume 1.6
Engine No. 493312 Vehicle No. LFVBA11C143094412

4. Testing Item, Methods and Condition

1) Testing Item
According to GB18352. 3-2005 predetermined operating cycle condition method (ECE15 + EUDC), Conducting test on JIEDA FV7160 Cif car by injecting normal lubricant oil and adding King's Art Auto Protection Additive sample for comparison of vehicle's emission, fuel consumption.

2) Testing Methods
a) Vehicle inspection and preparation Checking the testing vehicle whether in normal working condition.
b) Installation of testing sample According to product application, adding King's Art Auto Protection Additive to lubricant oil in Jida FV7160 Cif Engine tanker. Adding Ratio "20000 x 10/6 (v/v).
c) Course of testing
i. Change the normal lubricant oil in Ji da FV7160 Cif car. Conducting emission and fuel consumption comparison according to ECE15 +EUDC methods.
ii. Adding King's Art Auto protection Additive for emission and fuel consumption comparison.

Test Results

Pollutant emissions and fuel saving results shown in Table 3.

Table 3 Jida car Model FV7160 Cif emissions and fuel test results.

Item HC CO Nox Fuel Consumed
(Test Value) (g/km) (g/km) (g/km) (1/100 km)
Using ordinary Lube oil - Jida Car FV7160 Cif 0.32 2.65 0.33 8.30
Using ordinary Lube oil With Kings' Art Additives. Jida Car FV7160 Cif 0.38 2.38 0.32 8.21
Note: Significant Improvement in fuel consumption and reduction in emission.

REVIEW 4: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HQ.

Test: Investigation of applying ART reconditioner to Journal Bearing of Horizontal Shaft Type Pump.